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We also offer the following extra services:

Skin & coat conditioning

Nail buffing with trimming

Ear Cleaning

Gland expression


Teeth brushing

De-skunk services

Nail polishing

Feather Extension

Ear and Tail Coloring

Paw and elbow re-moisturizing

De-matting is offered upon safe and humane circumstances only!


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The Full Service Bath:

Nail trimming

Ear cleaning

Gland expression

15 minute brush-out

Fluff dry

and bath with a puppy shampoo

The Full Service Groom:

all of the above plus your choice of

customized or breed specific haircuts.

Prices vary by breed, weight and coat.

Add-On Packages


Paw Care Package:  $10 additional

Paw Cream

Nail Buff


O.M.G. How Cute:   $12 additional

Feather Extension

Nail Polish



The Works:   $16 additional

Teeth Brushing and Gel

Shampoo Upgrade



The Luxury Package:   $20 additional

Luxury Shampoo

Luxury Conditioner

Coat Conditioning Spritz

15 Min. of Extra Brushing


Full Service W/ Everything On It! 

$35 additional


Shampoo Upgrade


Teeth Brushing and Gel

Nail Buffing

Paw Cream

15 Min. of Extra Brushing

Coat Conditioning Spritz 3204 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Shampoo Upgrade Options


  • Flea and Tick

  • Hypoallergenic Oatmeal

  • Tea Tree and Aloe

  • Baking Soda and Oatmeal